2nd September 2018: With little or no rain last week water levels have dropped back considerably and with schools going back angling effort was down. Just over 260 fish were reported caught across the system with East Mayo anglers fairing the best with 63, fish 34 of which were released.

moy river
Kenneth Corcoran, Knockmore Salmon Anglers

Among the succesfull anglers this week were, Michael English, UK, 9 fish on fly, all released on the Mount Falcon Fishery.  Kenneth Corcoran had a 15.5 lbs salmon on spinner at Knockmore Salmon Anglers. Mark McAndrew had a  6 lbs fish at the Foxford Fishery and Cyril Martin, France, had a 6 lbs salmon on spinner from the Cloongee Fishery. Bill O’Regan, Dublin, also scorded on Cloongee with an 8 lbs fish on spinner.  Philip Harte, Galway,  had a few fish 3lb, 5.5lb, 7lb and 11 lbs  on spinner at Cloongee (One released). Billy McGhee, Castlebar,  caught a released a 5 lbs fish on fly from East Mayo anglers water. Peter Conmy of Dublin had a 6 lbs fish on fly from the East Mayo anglers water. John Noad UK. 8 lbs on fly – East Mayo anglers, John Mellotte Clare 3+4+6 lbs on fly released – East Mayo anglers.

Mark McAndrew
Mark McAndrew, Foxford Fishery

26th August: Water levels fluctuated quiet a bit  and with angling effort up on the previous week, 340 salmon were reported caught. There was a good number of fresh run silver fish caught and a lot of red fish released.

moy salmon
Anthony Chapman, Ridge Pool.
moy salmon anglers
Boyne Bendtsen & Jacob Bendtsen, Ridge Pool.

On the Moy Fishery  Anthony Chapman UK. 4.5 lbs on spinner – Ridge Pool, John Frost Denmark 3 lbs on spinner – Ridge Pool, Boyne Bendtsen Denmark 3 lbs on spinner – Ridge Pool, Jacob Bendtsen Denmark 3.75 lbs on spinner – Ridge Pool.

David Bradley Foxford Fishery.
David Bradley, Foxford Fishery.
Roger Stevens Coolcronan Fishery.
Roger Stevens, Coolcronan Fishery.

Upstream Roger Stevens NI. 5 lbs – Coolcronan Fishery, David Bradley 6 lbs on spinner – Foxford Fishery, John Chamber NI. 8 lbs on spinner – Foxford Fishery, Xavier Personnic France 8 lbs on spinner – Cloongee Fishery, Philippe Geoffroy France 8.5 lbs on spinner – Cloongee Fishery, Kevin Agnew NI. 7 lbs on spinner – East Mayo Anglers, Giruard Picolet France 4 + 4.5 +5 + 5 lbs on spinner for 2 days – East Mayo Anglers, Colin White Wicklow 8 lbs on fly – East Mayo Anglers Paddy McDonnell 5 fish on fly, all released – East Mayo Anglers.

How’s the river doing? Check the Ridge Pool Webcam

For more about the River Moy and its fisheries, including prices and maps see – https://www.fishinginireland.info/salmon/northwest/river_moy_system.htm