David McEvoy reports from the Delphi Fishery…

Weather conditions have definitely changed since my last update, with the rain finally arriving on the night of the 13thof June. We had 32mms that night and the river rose to 24. It was a little coloured as one would expect after such a long dry spell. Even though 24 was not high it looked like a huge flood, compared to -6. The 32mms was then added to on Friday night with 25.2mms, which put the river up to 50, which to any angler was indeed a beautiful sight. Air and water temperatures had also dropped. Water temperature is now between 12 and 13 degrees.

Finn Lough

There were two fish before the rain, both from the Turn Pool and both on Nymphs. Bertrand Fenart had one of 8lbs10ozs and Mark Corps had one of 9lbs10ozs. We have landed nine since the change in conditions. James Hewetson-Brown was first off the mark, on the 14th, with a good fish of 10lbs from Wrens Point on Finlough on a Silver Stoat, and old favourite of his father David, who sadly is no longer with us. Alan Dunlop followed this up in the afternoon with another, from Goughs on Finlough of 6lbs15ozs on a Collie Dog.

Our first grilse were landed the next day, the 15th. The first of these was a First ever for Duncan MacKenzie. The fish weighed in a 2lbs13ozs and was taken in the Whin Pool on a Collie Dog. James Hewetson-Brown had another grilse in the afternoon, also of 2lbs13ozs in the Bridge Pool on a Beaded Nymph. On Saturday Frazer had a nice grilse of 3lbs13ozs From Goughs on Finlough on a Cascade.

There were three landed yesterday morning. James Gould had a fish of 7lbs15ozs from Sligo Bay on Finlough, on a Willie Gunn. Margaret Downes had a lovely grilse of 4lbs3ozs from the Rock Pool on an Executioner. Andy Smith (a blast from the past) hasn’t lost his touch. He hooked a fish of approx. 6lbs in the Horseshoe and impressively landed it in Dynamite. The fish was taken on a Cascade. Finally, this morning Roxanne Davies had a small grilse of approx. 2lbs in the Rock Pool on a Collie Dog.

The river is now at 34 and there is some more broken weather over the next few days, which should keep water levels up till the end of the week at least. We should hopefully see more grilse entering the system over the next few days and of course the first sea trout should start appearing within a fortnight.

David McEvoy
Delphi Fishery

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