William Thornton reports on a busy week on the Moy

Last week started out the same as previous weeks, however heavy showers of rain on Thursday & Friday while not producing a flood did rise water levels and lowered water temperature. Combined with plenty of cloud cover angling conditions improved considerably, resulting in 266 salmon being reported caught. On the tidal beats in Ballina 86 salmon were reported, Ballina to Foxford 130 and upstream of Foxford 50.

Liam O’Connor on the Ridge Pool

On The Moy Fishery Brendan Garland from Northern Ireland had 3 salmon on fly, best 5lbs+, all released.  On the  Ridge Pool, Peter Boote (UK) had a  4lbs+ fish on fly which he released,  Sean Kelly (Westmeath) had 3 salmon on fly, the best being 5.75 lbs, Bernard Lawn (N.I.) had two fish, 4lbs & 7lbs on fly,  Liam O’Connor from Dublin caught a 4.75 lbs fish on fly  and Andrew Davison (N.I.) fishing with dad Martin had two fish, 4.5lb & 5 lbs on fly while Martin caught and released two more fish on the weir.

Martin and Andrew Davison on the Ridge

Jasper Coyle (Dublin) caught his first salmon – a fish of 3.75 lbs – on fly at the Cathedral Beat, Rory O’Toole (N.I.) had two grilse, one caught on bubble & fly and one on worm at Spring Wells while Joe Mullowney of Newport had a 3lbs fish on fly at the Ash Tree beat.

.Jasper Coyle with his first salmon caught on the Cathedral Beat

Harry Stewart (N.I.) caught a 5lbs fish on fly at the Weir Pool,  Jonathan Smith (Cavan) a 4.75lbs fish on fly at the Weir Pool, Roland Capouillez (Belgium) caught two fish 3lbs & 4lbs on fly on the Cathedral Beat, Neils Dames (Netherlands) caught a fine 6lbs fish on fly on the Cathedral Beat and Peter Boote (U.K.) caught two fish 3lbs and 5.5lbs on fly also on the Cathedral Beat.

Patrick Rousseau, Jean Jacques Daurat and Nicolas Lafaurie on the Cloongee beat

Upstream, Alan Marshall (N.I.) had two fish 2.75lbs & 3.75 lbs on prawn on the Coolcronan Fishery, John Chambers (N.I.) a 5lbs fish on worm on the Foxford Fishery while Patrick Rousseau, Jean-Jacques Daurat and Nicolas Lafaurie had three grilse each on the Cloongee Fishery.

On the East Mayo Anglers stretch David Corro Spain caught a 3lbs fish and a 4lbs fish on fly, Mike Haywood (U.K.) caught two fish 3lbs+ and 4lbs on worm while Brian Connolly (N.I.) had a 4 lbs fish on the on fly.