Dan O’Neill at the Mount Juliet Estate reports on the trout fishing on the Nore…

We had 4 trout anglers and 2 salmon anglers on the fishery at the weekend. All together they caught 15 trout to 1 pound. Best flys included Iron Blue Dunn, Black Gnat, Pheasant Tail Nymph and Wickams Fancy.

Saturday: Great weather, high sun all day. The water level was reading .47m on the gauge and the river was running extremely clear. Water temperature was 13.6C in hot, bright conditions. A lot of the smaller trout making themselves known in most of the pools by hitting the surface frequently. Larger fish stayed low until 7pm and then started to show. One salmon showed his presence in the lower pool at the estate boundary no doubt on his way through and wasn’t in any panic to stop for a rest. Geat fly hatches all day and quite a lot of water snails showing themselves near the rivers edge.

Sunday: Different start to this morning. Quite over cast. Water temperature and height were the same as yesterday. Any rain that fell was taken by the dry ground and didn’t raise the river (not that there was much). Some good trout taken with the flys/nymphs mentioned above,the wet fly versions being the best as I found the trout to be slightly sub surface as if awaiting the sun to make itself known through the haunting rain clouds. Never happened all day (thankfully). Small trout feeding strongly all day not in any way shy to the fact I was wading sometimes 1 meter away.

Over the 2 days there were 2 very competent salmon anglers in 2 of the best pools. No fish to show for either angler so quite safe to say there aren’t many salmon about just yet.

Dan O’Neill
Mount Juliet Estate.

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Mount Juliet House is set on a large estate, which offers private fishing on 2.5 miles of the middle to lower reaches of the River Nore. Mount Juliet Estate offers fishing of the highest quality, just a short stroll away from the Manor House. There is a fishing room on site in the Manor House for your convenience i.e. for storage and drying of fishing equipment. Mount Juliet Estate can also provide the necessary equipment on site if needed.