Dan O’Neill at the Mount Juliet Estate reports on the trout fishing on the Nore…

05 May: Clear skies and hot today. The water was running clear with 0.7 on the gauge and the temperature reading 12.8C. Fishing dry fly and nymph we had 9 trout, 4 salmon smolts and 4 dace. The trout mostly around the half pound mark. Pretty lean condition wise, and could do with putting bit of weight on. This will happen over the coming weeks I’m sure.

06 May: A foggy start to the day followed by strong heat and high sun from 12 until 4.45pm. The river was very clear, seemed to be a lot of white froth present,more than usual and more or less the same as yesterday. We stuck to the nymphs (GH-PT) today and had 9 trout and ,2 smolts. Again trout mostly half pound with one nice fish above the pound mark. The fish were hitting the nymph very hard.

Grilse from the Nore about to be released

08 May: There were 2 salmon caught on the fishery today. The first was 8lb the other 10lb. We also had day 3 trout landed on the salmon fly. Water levels dropping down to 0.59 on the gauge, conditions were clear.

Dan O’Neill
Mount Juliet Estate.

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Mount Juliet House is set on a large estate, which offers private fishing on 2.5 miles of the middle to lower reaches of the River Nore. Mount Juliet Estate offers fishing of the highest quality, just a short stroll away from the Manor House. There is a fishing room on site in the Manor House for your convenience i.e. for storage and drying of fishing equipment. Mount Juliet Estate can also provide the necessary equipment on site if needed.