Richie Ryan sent in a short report on an interesting week’s bass fishing.The Eire Bass guide takes up the story…

The Troy Family- All caught a bass
The Troy Family- All caught a bass

Since setting up my Eire Bass business my biggest thrill is  watching someone catch their first ever bass. It’s uncanny how everyone seems to remembers catching their first bass. The smiles and displays of sheer joy are a joy to behold. I’ve broken a record recently with 9 anglers landing their first bass aboard Sea Hawk. This happened over 3 days in Cork Harbour. I didn’t believe this was possible when I started out with my venture but it shows the health of our fishery here. Ok , some of the bass were only schoolies,  but to the angler landing that elusive first bass it is often a dream come true. The guide by the way is often as happy as the client ! Smiles all around.

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