Temperatures have slackened in the Southern Eastern RBD at present and air temperatures have returned to a more normal range for the time of year.  Day time temperatures are currently ranging between 15 and 21 degrees Celsius. Some rain has fallen in the area but water levels in the rivers of the South Eastern River Basin District have not significantly increased yet.

Trout fishing has picked up a little over the past two weeks with more Anglers returning to the rivers in the area to fish.  The feedback has been mixed with most Anglers stating that this year’s fly hatch has been almost too good!  One Angler who fishes the Marlfield area in Clonmel told fishery officers that there’s about a 20-minute window in the evenings where Trout are rising.  Another Angler said that he has been doing well fishing the Sir Thomas’s Bridge area in Clonmel with brown sedges again in the evenings.  There’s a lovely rise of trout appearing below the Swiss Cottage in the evening around 7pm. Trout are taking olives and brown sedges.  Trout fishing during day time hours is quiet.