Dan O’Neill reports from the river Nore:

The water has dropped to .16 on the gauge, I have gone through any records from the Mount Juliet files I can find and this is as low as I can find, the fishing has become interesting, fish behaviour over the past couple of weeks has been even more interesting, I spent some time watching a salmon in his lie, he reminded me of an elderly man in an armchair, his head would slightly dip towards the river bed and his tail slightly rise he would then tense his pectoral fins and level himself up, it was as if he was nodding off awaiting a surge of freshwater.

The small trout are feeding all day long they rise throughout the day steadily, the larger fish gently sip the surface for their flies in a very graceful manner, egrets seem to be present all along the river I haven’t noticed as many before.  We have had some trout anglers on the fishery over the past couple of weeks and had some good success, there were over 35 trout caught between the few lads, a couple of flies tied by an American angler had great success, some small groups of Sedges were around and present, disappearing quickly throughout the evening.