Off the Scale recently announced that they will be the official coordinators for the fantastic Anglers National Line Recycling Scheme  (ANLRS) in Ireland. This is a really useful initiative that protects fish, wildlife and the environment for future generations.

The ANLRS  was launched in the UK in early 2018 and has grown hugely since then. It is now active in almost 250 shops and businesses the UK, Northern Ireland, Ireland and continental Europe. The scheme is simple; old nylon monofilament, braided lines, fly lines and even line spools are collected in designated bins or containers at tackle shops, fisheries and other businesses and either sent to or collected by us here at the magazine. We then store it temporarily before shipping direct to the UK-based recycling facility, Maltings Organic Treatment Ltd., where it is recycled. The ANLRS is run on a strictly not-for-profit basis.

old fishing line

Nylon is a plastic polymer and takes hundreds of years to degrade, breaking down into smaller and smaller fragments. It poses great risks to wildlife and the aquatic environment, and contributes to plastic pollution. By recycling instead of directing to landfill many of these issues can be avoided. The same goes for braided mainlines, hooklinks and fly lines, as well as the plastic spools on which line is sold.

The ANLRS in the UK has been very well received over the past year
The ANLRS in the UK has been very well received over the past year

Registration for the scheme is completely free. All the organisers ask is that recycling partners provide their own bins / containers for line collection. They will provide a window & bin sticker pack free of charge to let customers know you are a member of the Anglers National Line Recycling Scheme.

If you would like to get involved you can register at: https://www.offthescaleangling.ie/anglers-national-line-recycling-scheme-ireland/