It was an exciting week for Tuna CHART (Catch and Release Tagging), the pilot Bluefin Tuna Data Collection Programme. After one of the 15 authorised skippers caught an 8.5 foot fish off the Cork coastline, media outlets from the US, UK and  others covered the story of the giant fish being caught, tagged and released as part of the programme.

Here’s a flavour of just some of the coverage. The value of the fish is certainly inflated but nonetheless good to see these majestic fish getting covered in the press alongside the programme which aims to increase our knowledge of the behaviour and abundance of Atlantic bluefin tuna in Irish waters.

Read the article here:

As part of Tuna CHART, authorisations were granted to 15 chartered skippers to target Bluefin tuna from mid-August until mid-October. All skippers and trained crew have participated in training with guidance provided around fish handling, welfare, tagging and data recording. Participants in the programme catch, tag and release Bluefin tuna while adhering to strict fish safety and handling procedures at all times.