To mark International Women’s Day, Inland Fisheries Ireland is celebrating some of Ireland’s well known women anglers.

Gina Tanczos is an angler from Hungary who moved to Ireland 14 years ago. A chef by occupation, she is based in County Cavan.

“I have been fishing since I was five years old. Being outdoors all the time was a must in my childhood.  My mum is always saying that I will grow out of fishing but that has never really happened.

Ireland is a total challenge to fish, every region and every lake is different to fish and the fish are super smart and wild. It’s pretty exceptional and rare and you see such beautiful, breath-taking views when you travel all over the country.

Fishing for me is way more than just a sport, it’s a life style. I spend at least four days a week on the water and it has been a massive learning curve learning to fish. The most challenging part of angling in Ireland is the world famous weather of course.

I am 90% fishing on casting; it’s a way of hunting them and such an exciting method. I do a bit of fly fishing and fly tying as well. I don’t eat the fish, catch and release is very important for me to preserve the sport for future generations.

I think angling is really adventurous and I love wearing waders. I don’t really take part in competitions, but I enjoy travelling to different places in Ireland to fish.

I would say to other women who might be thinking about fishing that you can really be yourself when angling. You can travel a lot and see stunning places. I have a daughter and we enjoy family days out with lot of activity, fun and memories. It’s really fun when you share angling  with someone who is important to you and you can meet a lot of new people through angling.”

Favourite Fishing Destination: All over Ireland, from Cork to Donegal, Galway, the Midlands and both fresh and salt water! Overseas, I enjoy fishing in Russia for Taimen, in Bolivia for Dorado or Christmas Islands for Giant Trevally.