Casey Dunne was in touch to let us know about this stunning trout he caught on Friday, May 10.  Casey had been pike fishing on the Shannon near Athlone. He initially thought he was stuck in a huge pike that was giving him the fight of a lifetime, but then the fish rocketed out of the water. From the bank it looked like the fish leapt 5 feet out of the water, and of course, from that point it was clear this was no pike.

He eventually brought the trout to the net and when he weighed it in the keepsack it came in at just under 11lb. The wet sack weighed about 1lb after the fish was weighed so he reckons it was just short of 10lb.

After a quick photo or 2 the fish was recovered in the shallows and swam off strongly.

Casey Dunne with the 9lb trout that took a roach deadbait