RIVER DROWES – Monday 18th  to Sunday 24th January 2019.


Water levels on the Drowes remained good all week. On Monday the gauge at the Four Masters Bridge read 0.67m and the river dropped until the following day when decent rainfall meant the river began to rise again. By Wednesday the gauge read 0.71m when the river began to slowly drop again. By the end of Sunday the gauge read 0.63m. Conditions were mild for February and the fishery was well attended for the time of the season. There were 5 salmon caught as far as we are aware. On Friday, Ronnie Quigley recorded an 8¾lb salmon caught on a Flying ‘C’ lure from the Eel Weir. On Sunday, Andrew McDonald reported an 8½lb salmon caught from Tinker’s Hole on a spinner. The other 3 salmon we await full details on.



LOUGH MELVIN – Monday 18th  to Sunday 24th January 2019.


Lough Melvin has been fairly quiet since this week with just a few local boats out. There was one salmon caught and I will have the details of this later. It is traditionally a little early for trout fishing on Melvin but given the mild weather Melvin would be well worth a throw for trout. If I was not here writing this I would probably be there with Sooty Bumbles and Green Peter’s alighting on the water right about now!




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River Drowes

The Drowes Fishery is one of Ireland’s premier spring salmon and grilse fisheries. The river is some 5 miles in length, with over 70 named pools, flowing from Lough Melvin at Lareen Bay and entering the sea at Tullaghan, just outside Bundoran. The Drowes has a wide variety of water suitable for all fishing methods, including several miles of good fly water and deeper slower moving pools suitable for spinning and bait fishing.

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Lough Melvin

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