Water levels were fairly low this week with the gauge reading 0.50 on Monday. The river gradually dropped and by Sunday the gauge read 0.41m. The water is somewhat warm at 17ºC though the drop in air temperatures and sunlight hours should help matters. Despite the lowish water conditions, the Drowes fished really well. To date there are 63 salmon entered into the Catch Register for the week which would equate to around 100 salmon for the week! The catch consisted of mainly grilse in the 3lb to 5lb category as the good grilse run continued with the odd larger salmon caught.

There were numerous records of multiple catches such as Patrick O’Malley’s four grilse caught & released on fly on Tuesday and M. Joyce’s three grilse caught and released on Sunday. The fishery’s overseas guests did well on the fishery with multiple catches recorded which will undoubtedly see them returning next year.

There was a 4lb Pink Salmon caught on Wednesday which was retained and collected by IFI for analysis. Anglers are requested (as elsewhere) to retain any Pink Salmon caught, Tag the fish and hand the fish into the Drowes Fishery Office who will contact IFI. A replacement tag will be provided to replace the one used on the Pink Salmon.

For info/bookings etc. on the Drowes Fishery & Lough Melvin see: http://www.drowessalmonfishery.com/ or Tel: 071 9841055 (8am to 12 noon).