Vincent Appleby reports from the shores of Lough Currane:

15/5/19 I’ve had emails all day because anglers were under the impression that the Waterville Fishery was totally C&R, this is incorrect, it’s only Sea Trout that are totally C&R. Now today’s action there were only two boats out and all was quiet on the SW front. Wind SSE fresh with reasonable cloud cover. Yesterday’s weather, maximum air temperature 17.6°C.

16/5/19 All quiet on the Wild Atlantic Salmon front in all departments. Wind SW light to fresh with reasonable cloud cover. Yesterday’s weather, maximum air temperature 18.0°C.

17/5/19 There were just two boats out manipulating the calm waters of Lough Currane and going by the Currane smoke it was black in all departments. Wind light and variable with reasonable cloud cover, very humid and light rain late this afternoon. Yesterday’s weather maximum air temperature 15.1°C .

18/5/19 All quiet in the Wild Atlantic Salmon department and the same goes for the  C&R Sea Trout department which isn’t surprising because Local Gillie Mr. Neil O’Shea of reported that it was very cold out there in an East wind. Wind ENE light to fresh with good cloud cover.

19/5/19 Straight to the apology department and yes I failed miserably in my duties in forgetting to report yesterday, a fine catch by Dutch angler
Mr. Tony Van-vooren, firstly Tony was celebrating his 70th Birthday and his first time on Lough Currane and caught and released four fine Sea Trout and a few Brown Trout and sadly lost a Salmon while fishing with his Gillie Mr. Michael O’Sullivan of Waterville Boats and at [email protected]  by all accounts Tony was delighted with his days fishing Birthday present,  which his daughter very kindly gave him, on behalf of all the Currane anglers a very Happy belated Birthday Tony. And in Tony’s own words I’ll be back! Now today’s action and all the Salmon and C&R Sea Trout headlines come from UK angler Mr. Michael Fish. While trolling with his Gillie caught a fine 9 lbs. Salmon and finished his day with a bit of fly fishing and caught and released a fine Sea Trout in the 2 lbs. class. For the rest of the Currane Anglers it was all quiet on the SW front and talking of SW, the wind was NE light and bright and sunny all day.

20/5/19 It felt like the Lough Currane anglers were fishing on glass today and sadly all the anglers were talking about at the end of the day was reflections of what could have been. What wind was there was W bright and sunny all day.

21/5/19 Your Weather forecast is the news of the day, bright sunshine with reasonable cloud at times and a light wind from the West, so it’s no wonder that the Lough Currane Anglers were picking their brains with frustration and with the lake getting lower every day it isn’t easy. Yesterday’s weather, maximum air temperature 15.1°C.