Tom Collins reports from Sea Angling Charters in Union Hall:

Yesterday was day 7 of 7 for our second Dutch group this season and fishing was tough at times with mixed weather but we pushed on trying different marks producing 21 species including common skate, 13 blue shark, porbeagle, stone basse, haddock, cod, poor cod, coalfish, whiting, pollack, conger, ling, bull huss, mackerel, launce, ballan wrasse, cuckoo wrasse, dab, scad, lesser spotted dog and grey gurnard.

Piet’s stone basse

One of the most frustrating days was watching a 200lb porbeagle swimming around the shark floats and not matter what we tried it had no interest in the baits.

Ab’s specimen skate

Best fish of the week is a tough decision but I’ll let you choose between Ab’s specimen skate and Piet’s bonus stone basse….

Go Fishing…..

Tom Collins, Sea Angling Charters
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