Bringing up a good one…

Junior anglers Josh and Sam Collins along with Eoin Griffin had super fishing at the weekend. The trio were hooking a fish a drop from the get go at a rocky mark outside Cork Harbour. There was no shortage of good pollack, and every third fish or so was a small cod.

Eoin and Sam with a lovely pair of pollack

The tactic for the day was soft plastics behind a jig head. The only time the lure was changed was when it had taken such a beating from the fish it was too raggedy and ripped to sit on the hook any more!

Just enough time to unhook, get a photo and then back it goes…

Sunday proved a great day to be out. Apart from the pollack there were also huge numbers of mackerel and the boys enjoyed the spectacle of the gulls and sea birds feeding hard; gannets diving and even a couple of fin whales paid a visit along with a few dolphins and even a cheeky seal.

Go fishing…

Small boats can be hired locally and there is also a number of charter boats operating from the harbour.