Galway Bay Sea Angling Club is a progressive club for sea anglers in the west of Ireland that is keen to introduce people to the sport, and they hold regular outings for members throughout the year where experienced anglers are happy to show new and prospective members the skills needed to become a successful sea angler.

One of those skills is tying your own rigs, or traces, for bait fishing. While there are many online tutorials and videos, nothing beats hands-on instruction from people who know what they’re doing. So if you’re thinking of trying sea angling, are near Galway, and would like to learn or improve your rig tying, come along to Salthill Aquarium on Thursday the 7th of February, from 7.30 pm. Club members are holding a rig tying workshop and will be on hand to demonstrate the different types of rigs and how to tie them.

To get in touch with the club, or for more details, contact them through their Facebook page at