Jimmy Tyrrell from Irish Fly Craft has been out and about again on the River Nore and its tributaries over the last week trying a bit of dry fly and nymph fishing. According to Jimmy fly hatches have been sparse enough with some olives, including blue winged olives appearing on the rivers.

Jimmy Tyrrell on the Nore

There are also sedges and gnats about and these are producing an odd fish as well. Surprisingly, on one of his evenings out on the Nore there seemed to more mayfly around than anything else. Even after recent rain the rivers are running low and the lack of prolonged periods of warm settled weather have not helped matters.

Most of Jimmy’s success was to his own nymph patterns which have produced nice trout to around 1.25lb for him on a few of his outings. Jimmy has fished on the main River Nore and on some of its tributaries. According to Jimmy, the water in the Goul River in particular was very low and together with the gin clear and advanced weed growth it has made fishing very tough there but he still managed to get a few nice trout!

Jimmy says that he is now looking forward to fishing in July when warmer evenings and more settle weather are sure to improve things. The trusty bwo will come into its own and there should be some great sherry spinner fishing over the next few weeks.

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If you are interested in a days’ guided fly fishing on the River Nore with Jimmy Tyrell you can get in contact with him through his contact details below. Jimmy guides on many stretches of the River Nore and its tributaries. In addition to guiding services Jimmy also can provide fishing tuition and is internationally well known as a fly tier. He can produce and supply all standard fly patterns for salmon and brown trout (river and lake) and can assist anglers in developing bespoke flies to meet their requirements.

Jimmy Tyrrell, Abbeyleix, Co Laois, Ireland. Telephone: +353 (0)86 8451257  Website: http://irishflycraft.com/ E-mail: [email protected]


Additional information on fishing on the River Nore and its tributaries can be found at  https://www.fishinginireland.info/trout/south/nore.htm and http://www.durrowcullohillanglers.com/home