After the good weather of late, the water levels on the River Nore have dropped and cleared making it ideal for trout fly fishermen. With temperatures in the high teens to early twenties yesterday accompanied by bright blue skies, most trout were reluctant to take off the surface in the bright sunshine. There was some small black fly on the water with sporadic hatches of olives and there was also some sedge around. Two anglers fishing nymphs on the Thomastown Anglers Association waters had good results with some nice brown trout from 20cm to 32cm.

Gold-head, pheasant tail and hares’ ear nymphs all produced results. The trout were in fine condition and were all released quickly and carefully back to the river. The Association often hosts International and other competitions and welcomes anglers for all over Ireland and abroad. Further information on Thomastown Anglers Association and the River Nore can be found at the following links.

Information on the Thomastown Anglers Association be found on their website at and Facebook page HERE

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