Marcin Kantor had some lovely bass fishing just before the the storms hit…

I was lucky enough to catch some fantastic bass lately, here on the Irish Coast. Sea Bass fishing can be tricky at times, but when the conditions are right and all the factors add up to be in a chance of catching a Big Seabass on lures, there is a certain way I approach my fishing.

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I go for spots that are rocky, difficult to access spots, ideally with a beach nearby. The rocks should have a series of channels and rocks underwater, where the sea creates a lot of water movement, ideally some white water, causing smaller bait fish, and other saltwater creatures to get confused, making it an easier target for those large Seabass. I tried to share some of this approach here in the video, that approach doesn’t apply to each type of fishing ground, but some of this advice is transferable to any type of bass fishing grounds.

Let me know in the comments what did you think about the video, do you agree or disagree, let me know your experiences and any feedback you might have.

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