Bandon Angling Association report on how the river is fishing:

Some nice fishing reported this week. We are delighted to see decent numbers of fish running, with a good proportion of these being multi sea winter fish. Grilse are making more of an appearance now and hopefully numbers of these continue to rise throughout the month.

Shrimp fishing was the most successful technique this week but fly and worm accounted for salmon also. A rise in water levels on Saturday produced more sport over the weekend and this will ensure good flows during the week.

Anglers fishing with worms are encountering flounder as far up as Desert Bridge, this is the furthest upstream they’ve been seen by club members since the new fish pass was built at Bandon Weir.

A Bandon flounder! Caught well upstream of the fish pass at Desert Bridge
Flounder are known to migrate many miles upstream into rivers; however, Bandon Weir was built c.1720 and this blocked off fish passage for flounder. With the new fish pass, flounder can now migrate to sections of the river that they haven’t been able to reach for 300 years.