Michael Flanagan reports from the River Inny…

Ella and James O'Hara
Ella and James O’Hara with a River Inny Pike

Our pal James O’Hara was back in Mullingar for the New Year and had daughter Ella over for a bit of pike fishing. Ella is quite keen on the angling and had 2 lovely days on Derravaragh and along the Inny system. The first day proved successful with 5 pike to the boat, and we lost a few on that day. On the second day it proved a tough nut to crack as temperatures had dropped quite fast over night , and seem to put the pike off the feed. Still we had one nice fish, and other anglers bank fishing had more success on dead baits. Ella is only 14 years of age, and will be back in Mullingar later in the summer when it’s a bit warmer.

More good fish

On the Inny system last weekend I met Longwood angler David Murray and he had just banked what can only be described as a River Monster Pike. The fish weighed in at 24lbs 8oz, and was in mint condition as I got a quick photograph before David released his prized catch.

David Murray
A lovely 24lb pike for David Murray on the Inny #CPRsavesfish

David has recently only got back into the pike angling and is having some success on dead baits. On an angling adventure before the Christmas, David told me he banked a 20lbs pike. These are super pike, and long may it continue.

It’s not all pike fishing for David Murray as when conditions are right, and he has some time, David loves feeder fishing for Bream and Tench. I hope to keep in touch with David now that we have met on the angling scene, and have a few Tench & Bream pictures from him in 2020.

Michael Flanagan
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