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Tough fishing on Lough Currane despite recent rains

Lough Currane

Vincent Appleby reports from Lough Currane

Salmon keeping their mouths shut on Lough Currane

20/5/20 All quiet on the Western front in all departments, be it fly, troll and mobile. Wind SSE light to fresh and overcast, followed by light misty rain late this afternoon. Yesterday’s weather, maximum air temperature 14.8 centigrade.

21/5/20 There was some good fishing conditions out there on the Lake today, except for the low water conditions in the opinion of the Currane Anglers and there is no argument to that, sadly the Wild Atlantic Salmon kept their mouths shut in all departments this day. Wind Southeast Fresh to strong in the afternoon and overcast, followed by heavy rain this afternoon, expected amount of rainfall for Waterville 13.0 mm?  Yesterday’s weather, maximum air temperature 16.7 centigrade.

22/5/20 Lough Currane was like the Wild West and for good reason, there was a strong Southwest wind blowing down the Lake, you do not have to be a rocket scientist to know all the Salmon stations were closed. Yesterday’s weather, amount of rainfall 18.9 mm. Maximum air temperature 15.5 centigrade.

23/5/20 The Currane Anglers are at a quandary with their flies and lures, and for good reason, as the rain fell the land took the majority of the rainfall and Currane is still dead low, as well as the angler’s enthusiasm. Wind SW fresh with reasonable cloud cover. Yesterday’s weather, maximum air temperature 14.3 centigrade.

24/5/20 You can say without any fear of contradiction that the Currane Anglers patience is at rock bottom, talking of rock bottom, Lough Currane has not had a big flood since St. Patrick’s Day, so one can appreciate their lack of enthusiasm and understand that you would need the patience of a Saint to manipulate ones lures. Wind SW light to fresh with reasonable cloud cover. Yesterday’s weather, maximum air temperature 14.2 centigrade.

25/5/20 Day in day out its been the same fishing lines on this Blog,  today’s fishing manipulations is no different and I can tell you the fishing reports are getting as difficult as procuring the wild Atlantic Salmon, all I can say is the Wild Currane Salmon maybe keeping their mouths Shut, but here’s one angler, come reporter who has no intention of shutting down. Wind S light and overcast all day. Yesterday’s weather, maximum air temperature 16.6 centigrade.

26/5/20 Going by the Lough Currane post and telegraphs, there were four boats out, three boats trolling and one on the drift, plus a photo of the Bull Rock that gives you a fair idea that the Currane anglers are really up against the elements! Wind West light and calm in the afternoon, good cloud cover in the morning, bright and sunny in the afternoon. Yesterday’s weather, amount of rainfall 6.7 mm, maximum air temperature 13.6 centigrade.

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