Chris O’Sullivan, The Inshore Angler, is back with top tips and handy hints. This time with a couple of very clearly presented videos on how to tie a couple of essential sea angling rigs – the 3 hook flapper and the Over and under Pennell rig. Don’t forget to subscribe to Chris’s channel and like the videos…

3 Hook Flapper

Chris’s notes: The 3 hook flapper is the most manageable and most versatile of rigs out there. It forms the basis for almost every match or fishing rig and is also called a paternoster rig. 60lb body and 15lb snood will cover almost every clean to slightly mixed ground mark in Ireland and the UK. As you get more confident you can chop and change the rig to suit your area but a good starting point is 5ft body and 1.5ft snoods. This will be pretty easy to cast but if you are finding it too long you can forget one hook to shorten it.

Over and Under Pennell rig

Chris’s notes: This is a rig I like to use when targeting rays and cod. It is a great rig to help nail a bait below the lead. I used size ones on the demo rig but would use 2/0 and 4/0 on a rig I was using with big baits such as crab, squid or Mackerel fillet.

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