Declan Gibbons reports on the opening weekend’s fishing on Lough Corrib

Opening weekend of the 2020 trout angling season on Lough Corrib got of to a slower than normal start with storm Dennis curtailing activity but anglers were eager to get together for customary opening day rituals such as meeting up on islands, the lighting of fires, the blessing of boats, trolling the Bricin, wetting a line on the opening days and returning to local hostelries around Lough Corrib for refreshments and sustenance. Those that did get out did so in the early to mid afternoon when weather permitted in a safe way to fish in sheltered areas.

Kevin Molloy
Gerry Molloy #CPR

Those that were rewarded with their fist catches of 2020 are as follows. In the Oughterard area Gerry Molloy fishing with Emmet McGloin, Gerry landed a good fish of approximately 12Lbs which he sportingly released along with another fish he got 2Lbs. Kevin Molloy fishing with Liam butler also landed a fish of two pounds. In the Cornamona area Peter Walsh landed his first of 2020 with it being two pounds plus.

Cong Anglers Opening Day Get Together with Best Fish Winner Evander Brennan withy the trophy

In the Cong area the Cong Club hosted their opening day get together with Evander Brennan landing the best fish weighing 1.1Kgs and winning the open day perpetual trophy. Eight fish for four boats was the break down of the catch on the day and a good evening was had by all in Lydons Lodge Cong .

Cong Anglers Opening Day Get Toghter with Best Fish Winner Evander Brennan withy the trophy
Traditional Bricin Mounts or Spinners