Avid angler Ken Whelan tells us he was enjoying some good dry fly action on the River Robe last week. Ken was fishing near Ballinrobe where there have been good hatches of Olives.

To break up his journey home, Ken fished Lough Acalla, near Ballinasloe, for a few hours in torrential rain on Saturday evening and landed a fine brownie.  The fish was taken on 6lb nylon and a small waking muddler. Ken says it fought like an absolute tiger. He measure the trout at 70cm in length.

big trout trout
Ken Whelan’s 8lb plus Lough Acalla trout

Using a conversion chart Ken estimated the trout to weigh between 8lb and 9lb – probably closer to 9lb given its girth and immaculate condition. This is probably a Roscrea triploid trout which has over wintered in the lake following stocking as 2 –year-old fish about 4 or 5 years ago. Lough Acalla is famed as an exceptionally rich water, producing many exceptional overwintered  rainbows down the years between 8lb and 10lb.

Ken sent us this report as it is an unusual fish which he thought would be of interest to other trout anglers listening in. Particularly as it was fighting fit when it went back and it’s certainly about to be caught by another lucky angler…

Go fishing…

  • Midland Fishery Group permit required
  • SEASON: May 1st – October 31st.
  • SPECIES: Brown & Rainbow Trout.
  • SIZE LIMIT: 11 inches.
  • DAILY BAG LIMIT: 3 trout
  • ANGLING METHODS PERMITTED: Trout Fishing only, Artificial Fly only.
  • Fo more information see: Lough Acalla