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Unusual shark for Kinsale Skipper Mike Walsh


Mike Walsh of Atlantic Charters, Kinsale reports on some interesting fish on his boat recently:

“Super day offshore yesterday with lovely weather and plenty of wildlife. Fishing was good with a good variety of species like pollock, megrim whiting etc. We also did a drift for shark and managed some blue and porbeagle. There is definitely some interesting shark around at the moment. A friend of ours who was fishing very close lost a very large porbeagle and possibly a mako too!!! Interesting times”.

It’s shaped like a porbeagle, bites like a porbeagle, and fights like a porbeagle, but is it…?

We are unsure exactly what sort of shark Mike has there as the markings are most peculiar. We have sent it off to one of our research team to get an expert opinion, but, in the meantime, we are awarding it Catch of the Week, if just for novelty value alone.

It looks like a porbeagle, but strange markings…
Sunny side up
A nice Megrim

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