Munster Coarse Anglers report on the latest round of their Winter League…

We were all ready to go upstream to the Dam this morning but alas the key that would give us access could not be found despite leaving no flower pot unturned!

So a quick change of plan and it was decided to fish the section by the tennis courts and up passed the kissing gate. Never the most consistent section with its wildly differing depths from 8ft to 35ft and with a lot of weed clearing to open the pegs before we could start plus the knowledge of the approaching wind and rain did not bode well for a good day. The results sheet shows we were right…

  • 1st Martin Sutherby 2lb 15oz
  • 2nd Gary Mckay 2lb 13oz
  • 3rd Richard Bedford 2lb 11oz

Sorry no catch pictures today it was too dark and too wet.

Oh and the key. It was found later that morning in a adjoining field along side the chewed plastic bag in was in. Pulled from under the flower pot by the local visiting fox, who after a bit of a chew decided in was inedible and not worth the bother.

Kevin Leahy
Munster Coarse Angling Club

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