David Norman of West Cork Bass reports that the recent calm spell delivered some fine fishing in beautiful West Cork.

Surface lure fishing by kayak for bass was steady with plenty of mid sized fish and the kayak pollock fishing was some of the best he’d ever experienced in terms of size and numbers.

David says that he has never seen so many large fish on his screen, with many good fish more than willing to put a maximum bend in his lure and fly rods!

Although the bass fishing will probably start to taper off soon, he expects the kayak pollock fishing on fly and lure to be strong during the calm spells for the next couple of months and maybe longer…

David still has some free dates available for one to one guided kayak fishing this year so give him a call…

West Cork Bass

David NormanDavid Norman is a Clonakilty based Bass Fishing Guide and Coach specialising in Shore Based Lure Fishing & Workshops.

Notes: Having intensively fished for Bass (Catch & Release) on the West Cork Coast plus all of the recognised Bass fishing counties of Ireland  I want to share with other like-minded anglers the thrills of responsible lure fishing for Bass on a One-to-One basis over a limited number of trips throughout the key times of the Bass fishing Year, which for me is June – Sept, sometimes earlier or later depending on how the weather is behaving…
I can offer a range of options around key tides, to include night fishing, in a safe and environmentally conscious manner including bespoke workshops to help build knowledge and confidence

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