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More bluefin tuna caught in the Northwest


Bluefin boats in the northwest from Mullaghmore to Killybegs continued to catch dedcent numbers of tuna during the past week. See some of the catches below:

Tuna for Kiwi Girl
Into a bluefin tuna on Leah C
Marine Institute staff tagging a tuna on Leah C
Tuna for Deep Blue

Bluefin tuna angling has become very popular and most boats are heavily booked for the remainder of this year’s tuna season. However, it is worth checking for free places if you fancy catching a fish of a lifetime… A list of all certified bluefin tuna boats is available here.


Tuna CHART (CatcH and Release Tagging) utilises authorised vessels to catch, tag and release Atlantic Bluefin Tuna for data collection purposes off the Irish coast.  The programme,  developed by Inland Fisheries Ireland and the Marine Institute in partnership with the Sea Fisheries Protection Authority, the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine and the Department for Environment, Climate and Communications, operated on a pilot basis in 2019 and 2020.