Jim Clohessey was out on the water at the weekend with Rob McClean and Gavin Moran. It was a trip that was a long time coming. The restrictions of the past year really curtailed the fishing efforts of “Team Skua”. The lads made amends on Saturday…

It was the first time we had fished together in over a year! We picked up where we left off, skate hunting.

The mackerel were easy to find

We took an early launch and headed west for a change. We weren’t expecting to get mackerel and were delighted when we came upon a frenzy off the Old Head. The place was a boiling mass of life – birds, dolphins, whales and fish, thick Sandeel shoals and loads of big plump mackerel. It was a super sight (Rob took a great video clip).

We tried a couple of likely skate areas. One area was firing well. Rob had the biggest of the session at 168cm long. Gavin chalked up his first. He dealt with the brutality of the fight well.

I had a handy sized fish that nearly managed to break me in the fight. I was wrecked after it. It wasn’t a particularly big fish. Maybe just smart using the tide!

angler and skate
A very weary Jim with his small skate “This skate seemed to kite and hold in the tide (not a huge run). I’d had my drag set to bigger fish but this one seemed to match the drag. Progress was in inches at a go.”

The reefs were a disappointment. Big tides combined with a bloom that has the water very coloured. Nothing new, happens each year. You’d forget how it effects the fishing.

We finished the day at anchor getting plagued by doggies.

All told. It was a grand day out for May with a great craic factor.
Jim Clohessey