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16/8/21 The Inny Anglers were all quiet this day which isn’t surprising considering the Inny was rock bottom, so you do not need to have a degree to know that the Inny Anglers are looking forward to the next flood. Now we head for Lough Currane, going by the post and telegraph, Currane was all quiet on all fronts. Wind NW light to fresh with good cloud cover, followed by the odd shower.

17/8/21 We start in the backdate department due to a breakdown in the post and telegraphs, in yesterday’s notes I failed to report that there was at least  one Salmon caught on the Inny and going back further in the past week there was one Salmon caught on the World famous Butler Pool and at  Now back to the River Inny, the tides are working in favour of the Inny Anglers and for good reason, there were a few Salmon caught this day. Now to the Currane Anglers, they were all quiet on all fronts. Wind NW light to fresh with reasonable cloud cover and very humid.

18/8/21 The C&R Inny Anglers caught two Salmon. There were twelve boats out on Lough Currane and lines were slack. Wind WNW then veered WSW and veered again SSW Light with good cloud cover and very humid followed by showers. The Inny Anglers will be smiling just click the Irish metrological   service because their forecasting rain for Friday so get your flies and your lours ready.

19/8/21 The Currane drifters caught a few Trout on the drift this day. Where the Salmon department is concerned it was all quiet on the Waterville Fishery but as from Friday 1am to 4pm we are on a yellow rain warning. So, you can take it as red the Inny Anglers will be walking the banks as they put their skills to the test in the C&R department tomorrow and this weekend. Wind SW and veered SSW light and good cloud cover with misty rain at times.

Fog bound Lough Currane 2021-08-20
Fog bound Lough Currane 2021-08-20

20/8/21 The big flood gave some good Salmon fishing on the Inny, with a few caught and released. On that note we head for the Big Lake where there were four boats out, the Currane drifters caught a few nice Sea Trout. In the Salmon department there was one caught, Fly/troll? Wind SW light and foggy this morning as you can see by the photo, come lunch time it had lifted and stayed overcast all day.

21/8/21 There was some good fishing on the Waterville Fishery today, we start on the Commeragh River with at least four Salmon caught. Now we head downstream to Lough Currane, in total there were six boats out, the only anglers to record catches were the Currane drifters with a few Juniors. Now we cut across the Valley to the River Inny anglers, again they kept the Inny C&R flag flying high by catching few nice Salmon on the fly. West light and variable with reasonable cloud cover.

Lough Currane
Night falls on Lough Currane Lough Currane 2021-08-22

22/8/21 We start on the early morning shift on the Commeragh River and by all accounts their lines were slack. Now we head downstream to the Big Lake, there were five boats out manipulation their flies and lures and again their lines were slack in all departments. Just for the record one Currane angler was telling me that the water is still very warm and that is after the flood, you draw your own conclusions. Now we head to C&R Inny Anglers and all is quiet on the Inny front this day.  Wind SSW light to calm and variable and overcast.

23/8/21 The Currane Fishery was all quiet on all fronts. Wind SSE and veered SW light to calm.

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