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Trout fishing on Loughs Conn & Cullin remains difficult


Kevin O’Boyle reports from Loughs Conn & Cullin…

Hazy sunshine and temperatures up to 19° Celsius for the start of the week. The lakes remained mostly calm for the week. With very few trout showing, trout tend to move on to roach or perch fry this time of year, anglers were forced to go to deeper water in search of fish. Trout angling proved hard with only a few trout recorded for the week.

Ian Wise had 2 trout for 1.5 lbs. in Bog Bay, North Conn on Pearly Dabblers. John Warren had 3 trout over a few evenings fishing, the best weighing 2 lbs. around the islands outside of Bog Bay.

In South Conn, a group of anglers fishing out of Murphy’s Boat Hire struggled over 3 days with very calm conditions, but their hard work did pay off a little with a few trout to their boats. All fish were caught on Sedges and Dabblers. The heaviest trout weighed 2 lbs.

There were reports of a significant number of boats out on Conn but with little success.

At least 14 salmon were caught trolling on the lake with copper and silver spoons and Tobies. One good salmon of 12 lbs. was caught on an old-fashioned blue and silver wooden Devon trolling just south of the River Deel, near Kent’s pool.

The River Deel last week at sunset