Alek Nowak reports on the antics of Jonasz and Miłosz, nature fanatics turned fishing fanatics and their last sea fishing trip…

Last Saturday we’ve ventured out to Dun Laoghaire Harbour for a mini species hunt. Armed in two light pole rods (with tiny float rigs) and a humble dropshot set up, me and my two sons, Jonasz (9) and Miłosz (6), managed to catch (and release) six different species in one afternoon sitting:

  • 2 Ballan wrasses
  • 9 picturesque corkwing wrasses
  • 8 uncommonly audacious common blennies
  • 1 tremendously handsome long-spined sea scorpion
  • 5 ubiquitous whitings and
  • 3 very pretty, yet surprisingly brave poor cods

There was also a by-catch of quite massive velvet crab, hooked by mistake by one of his joints, and unluckily landed a bit too hard on the concrete. Stunned and missing one leg, yet still deadly dangerous (by the look of his eyes at least) was quickly sent back home.

When we ran out of ragworm, the hunt continued thanks to limpet slivers with an almost equal success rate.

Apart from being frowned upon due to the misjudged amount of bait, I was told by the two intrepid fish hunters to reconsider our supply of different sized hooks – as removing a deeply placed 10 sized barbless from a boisterous blenny, trying to nip my hand like a feral mongrel, was entirely impossible and we sadly had to cut the line leaving the hook to rust and wishing the little fighter all the best.

The boys had stars in their eyes starting from the first fish they landed, and after two days they’re undoubtedly still there… It will be a very long school week for them until we can set out for another best day in their lives!

Well done to Jonasz and Miłosz worthy Catch of the Week winners. We look forward to hearing more of your adventure in the future