The Mayfly hatch is well underway now on Lough Derg. The fishing kicked off in the middle of the month in pretty miserable conditions. The fly hatches in the opening weekend were sparse at times and thick enough at others. The incredibly inclement weather, cold temperatures and switching winds probably contributed to this. The trout were not shy of rising when there was any sort of a hatch on, be it during showers or just after. Unfortunately the weather over the last 10 days has continued to be poor enough and getting consistent fishing has not been easy, thought at times the fish have been feeding well.

One angler who experienced good fortune was Simon Kelly, fishing under Ogonolloe. After a storm rolled through, there was a heavy downpour which this switched the trout on. A bit of slick developed and he fished along it.  There were a good few fly on it and he noticed a few fish taking emergers, so put he put up a Green Wulff and landed  2 trout which he estimated to be in the 3 – 4 lb range. Caught and released in perfect condition! You couldn’t ask for better than that.

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