Vincent Appleby  reports from Lough Currane…

11/3/21 Again another boring day for the Barbless and Brown Tag Anglers as a strong WNW wind made it impossible to venture out on Currane. Wind as already stated followed by heavy hail showers.

12/3/21 Again the weather dictates the Currane Anglers and for good reason, there was a strong WNW wind blowing and I can tell you it was a day for the high stool but as we know the high stool is out thanks to Covid, but the off-licence came to their rescue. Wind as already stated followed by heavy hail showers. Just for the record Kerry is on a Yellow wind warning until 2pm tomorrow.

13/3/21 Kerry’s Yellow warning took control today and you do not have to be a rocket scientist to know that the Currane anglers were put into a checkmate position and that sums up today’s negative report. Wind WNW fresh to strong followed a mixture of hail, sleet, followed by light snow falls.

14/3/21 The Currane Anglers were all quiet again this Happy Mother’s Day and for good reason, there was a strong WNW Wind blowing down the lake. Sadly, the Currane anglers only got out one day this week.

15/3/21 It was good to see that there were a few boats out on this calm day, sadly going by the mobile telephonic communisations there was not any Brown Tag Salmon caught and the same goes for the Barbless Currane Anglers. Wind WSW light and overcast this morning, come afternoon the sun did breakthrough. So, on that note we will go to the No Spin No Fly’s Anglers point of view.

sea view
The wild Atlantic Way on 16 March 2021

16/3/21 The Cheltenham Festival caught the majority of the Currane anglers as they watched Rachael Blackmore make history by her great win on Honeysuckle, so on that note we go from honeysuckle to Brown tags, there were 3 boats out, one of the boats was a brown hand me down. Wind NNW light to calm and sunny.


foggy day
Foggy Mountains on the Wild Atlantic Way on the Ring of Kerry

17/3/21 There were two hand me down Brown Tag Boats manipulating this St. Patrick’s Day and sadly their prayers were not answered in the Wild Atlantic Salmon department. Wind light North a variable and bright and sunny.

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