Thomas Coyle took up fishing as a pastime at the beginning of the lockdowns but since then it has become something he knows will be a lifelong hobby…

Any chance I get, I grab the rods and head fishing. On an overcast and dry afternoon last weekend I headed to the water. It was exceptionally quiet with no other angler’s to be seen except for the herons that stalked shoals of fish on the canal banks. The fishing was slow until I moved to a different spot. And it didn’t take long until I had the first fish of the day. It was a pike weighing about 2-3 lbs.

Thomas Coyle with his Grand Canal pike

Roughly 3 minutes after the first fish I had another pike (the one shown in the picture), again caught on a small roach deadbait fished under a float. Both pike were safely returned.

Before I left I noticed the float went under yet again. I lifted the rod up but didn’t manage to set the hook. I did manage to get a quick glance at the sizable pike that I just missed!