Pre-spawn pike – tips, lures and methods


Marcin Kantor is back again this week with an entertaining video from a local water where he targets pike on fly…

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Marcin’s notes: Here in the video, I am fishing for Pre-Spawn pike using small lures, large lures and flies. The last couple of weeks before they spawn, they shake off the winter moods and start chasing the lures well, as if they just realised the spawning time is around the corner and they’re yet to reach their top condition. Using the recent very busy session, I explain where to look for pre-spawn pike in the lakes and rivers; how to target them; what lures to use; how to work them and which, do small or large lures work better this time of the year. My best lures for this time of the year are sliders, I use SALMO Slider 10cm mainly, other jerk baits like SALMO Fatso 10cm or SALMO Sweeper. Next small 6in paddletail and last but not least large lures like Miuras Mouse to select bigger specimens. So join me once again on my Savage Gear High Rider 170 Float Tub, Lure Fishing and Fly Fishing for Pike. Put these fishing tips to use if you managed to squeeze in another session before the spawn and hopefully you’ll have a good day chasing pre-spawn pike. If you do, however, notice they are spawning (and they will be very soon), let them be for a couple of weeks and don’t fish for them.

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