There was a great turnout and the mood was good amongst  members of Leinster Pike Fishing Club at their first competition after a ten months layoff. The competition was held on a river section and some great bags of fish were caught. The top 4 anglers had a total of 66 fish between them, with Rodney Gaynor taking the honors with a 56lbs. bag.
Results were as follows:
1st Rodney Gaynor with 16 fish for 56 pound 7
2nd Mark Kiernan with 21 fish for 52 pound 9
3rd Jody Kiernan with 16 fish for 48 pound 12
4th Ray Collopy with 13 fish for 41 pound 7
1st Ray and Rodney with 97 pound 14
2nd Tommy Coffee and Jody with 77 pound 6
Total of 175 fish caught
For further info conatct Leinster Pike Angling Club