Winter fly fishing for pike


Back before Christmas and the lockdowns Marcin Kantor was out fishing some of his favourite venues, testing new lure and discovering the the excitement of catching pike pike on the fly…

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Marcin’s notes: Fly fishing for pike is my latest fascination, hence naturally I had to try Float Tube pike fishing. I acquired a Savage Gear High Rider 170 Float Tube, taken my pike lure tackle and fly fishing gear and set off to try out the belly boat fishing and also try to catch my first big pike on the fly.

The day has started amazingly well with a fish over 1 meter  hitting my Miuras Mouse lure on the second ever cast from the float tube. The colour of the Miuras Mouse that did the trick was once again the Spotted Bullhead.

From then on, with a bit more confidence I started using my fly tackle and managed to catch many pike with another near 1m pike and one more over the 100cm – All while fly fishing. It was a super cool session as pike fishing in Ireland can be really good at this time of year.

Youtube Channel: Marcin Kantor