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Another rather quiet week on the Moy


Kevin O’Boyle reports from the River Moy…

River Moy Angling Report – Week ending 05/09/21

Calm warm weather all over the Moy catchment resulted in very few anglers venturing out for the week. Low water levels and warm water temperatures made angling difficult. Water levels at Ballylahan Bridge on Monday morning read 0.307m and dropped off to 0.277m on Sunday night. Water temperatures remained at about 13˚Celsius. Ninety-five salmon were still recorded for the week with a good percentage released.

The Moy Fishery reported no fish caught for the week given the very low water levels.

Ballina Salmon Anglers reported 7 salmon caught for the week.

Mount Falcon Fishery reported 7 grilse for the week.

Knockmore Salmon Anglers produced 3 grilse for week.

Coolcronan Fishery reported 3 salmon caught during the week.

Byrne’s Fishery reported 11 grilse, the best fish weighing 6 lbs., all caught on the prawn.

Armstrong’s Fishery reported 3 salmon for the week.

Gannon’s Fishery produced 6 salmon for the week.

Foxford Fishery reported 16 salmon, the best weighing 7 lbs., mostly caught on the prawn.

Foxford Salmon Anglers reported 34 grilse with a good percentage released.

Cloongee Fishery reported one small grilse for the week, which was released.

East Mayo Anglers produced 3 small grilse with 2 released.

Trevor Sollis from the UK with a fresh grilse on the Foxford Fishery

The recent heavy rains, however, should see angling conditions improve once water levels will have dropped again. Prospects for the remainder of the season should be looking good.

Sea trout angling on the Moy Estuary remained a challenge, with mostly small trout caught and all released.