Clare Dragoon

Skipper Luke Aston has a new group in for this week, and they have been having a tremendous variety of fishing. Given the conditions, some days have been unsuitable for getting offshore. The Shannon estuary, however, has provided good sport, with some nice tope, as well as a spotted ray, not a common catch.


A nice tope for this angler


And another one


Spotted or Homelyn Ray

Reef fishing early this week provided plenty of species, with pollack, cod, ling and gurnard among the fish coming aboard.

A full house of pollack





Red Gurnard



Shark Fishing

When they did get out shark fishing, it was a case of “the porgies are back” once again, with porbeagles more numerous than blue shark this summer along much of the west coast. Indeed, Luke says he has to use heavier traces now, with the blue shark traces often not strong enough for big porbeagles.


A small blue shark for this angler



Porbeagle shark

Lady Gwen II

Fellow skipper Sean Maguire, on the Lady Gwen II, had a group out shark fishing, and it was a case of the ones that got away, with six dropped runs, and a large porbeagle lost at the side of the boat, estimated at 200lbs. Finally they did get a blue shark to stick, but at least they saw plenty of action.

A nice blue shark aboard the Lady Gwen II



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