Skipper John Fleming and his guests have been enjoying great fishing on the bay recently, with the reefs and islands area providing great mixed species sport. Mackeral have been plentiful, providing good fresh bait as well as some good fish for eating. According to John there are some fine pollock around with some whiting and coalies In the mix as well.

A fine pollack aboard the Brazen Hussy


It was a ballan wrasse, however, that stole the show on Sunday. One of John’s anglers – Mariusz Lyszczynski, originally from Lithuania – landed a monster ballan that went 50cm on the measure, an Irish specimen for the species. It’s great to see a ballan this size, especially with the increasing removal of these for lice removal on salmon farms in recent years. A scandalous waste of these long-lived and slow-growing fish, that provide great sport for tourist and recreational angling. Well done to John and Mariusz for a fine catch!


A specimen ballan wrasse, what a fish




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