Saltwater fly fishing guide Richie Ryan reports from Cork Harbour…

Trying to get youngsters interested in outdoor activities is a chore for parents in these techie days. In fairness to Inland Fisheries Ireland,  they have a number of schemes to get children “hooked” on fishing. I myself offer a free guided fly fishing session every year to try and encourage an interest in the sport. An uncle rang me recently in frustration to bring his nephew out fishing and get him away from his PlayStation. A booking has been organised.

The Canadian Ryans arrived this month for a long postponed holiday. Seán,  our grandson in Airdrie,  is fishing mad. Conger fishing with his dad John and uncle Cian proved difficult. Seán of course saved the day with a whopper of a Bass as can be seen below, the only fish caught that day as it happened. Not quite a specimen but pretty close.

Sean Ryan with a super Bass that nearly made the specimen weight

An itch for saltwater fly fishing had to be scratched too. Just myself and Seán, a special time for me, headed outside the harbour in Sea Hawk for a Pollack session. An immediate bend on the fly rod started and this super angler had two small fish landed before his guide got a pluck! Frenetic activity ensued with some beautiful Pollack in the 4 to 8 lb range hooked and released, except as stipulated by Seán, a nice fat fish for his grandad Andy Newman.

Grace King was also out fishing with Richie and she had some beautiful fish including this pollack

A  suggestion that we cut our trip short by a half an hour in order to go alongside The Quays Bar in Cobh to grab some gorgeous scallops was spurned. Sorry Noel Owens! I explained the word dilemma to Seán and I think he’ll always associate it with scallops. To say I’m proud of my grandson and his fishing prowess is no exaggeration. What a superb angler. It’s in the DNA from both sides for sure!

Callum Troy with lovely pollack

Another youngster who amazes me with his love of fishing is Callum Troy. His Godfather Adam Troy kindly treats him to a session every year aboard Sea Hawk. His dad Seán Troy couldn’t make it this year unfortunately. He’d have been seriously proud of his son as he landed and released some huge Pollack. Another brilliant outing and a very happy guide. Callum has never blanked in five years, here’s hoping next year is as successful as every other one.

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