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Loughs Conn & Cullin fishing well despite difficult conditions

Peter Roche with a 3lbs. trout on Lough Conn which was released afterwards

Kevin O’Boyle reports from Loughs Conn & Cullin…

Michael and P.J. Tiernan, of Tiernan Brothers Angling Centre in Foxford fished Lough Cullin on Saturday 8th May. Fishing was reported as difficult enough with some squally winds and rain. They had 6 trout to the boat on wet Mayfly patterns. Their best trout weighed 1.5 lbs. Tiernan Brothers Angling Centre will be open from Monday next May 17th from 8 am until late.

Padraic Kelly and Kevin Gallagher from Castlebar ventured out on Lough Cullin on Sunday. Like Saturday, fishing was reported as difficult with strong squally conditions. They reported rising over a dozen trout and had one to the boat which was released. Fly patterns included the Octopus and traditional Mayfly patterns. Five other boats reported good angling with most trout released.

Meanwhile on Lough Conn, Joe Quinn was busy with landing 5 trout over 3 hours on the Brackwansha shoreline. The best trout weighed 2 lbs. and the Claret and Sooty Dabbler did the business. All fish were released.  Gary Binley had 12 keepers over two days all in Castlehill Bay on dry Mayflies.

Peter Roche had some good fishing too in Cloghans Bay with the best trout weighing 3 lbs. All trout were released. Overall, 42 trout were reported from Loughs Conn and Cullin for the week.