After the recent run of storms and heavy rain, Lough Corrib is very high at the moment, although water temperatures are holding fairly steady. Fly hatches have not yet got going, and trolling or lure fishing are still the methods of choice for most anglers.

Tomi Kurman (Tomi Guided Fishing) had a guest out for only his third day trying for ferox so far, and they had a good day, with 5 takes and 4 trout landed, all between 64 and 78cm.

A stunning ferox trout for Tomi’s guest


Another nice ferox from Corrib
Another impressive fish


A small (!) trout by Tomi’s standards

High pressure for a few days should see water levels start to drop, although frosty nights may keep water temps low, but we’re into March now and the duckfly is not far away, so we should see more reports appearing soon.