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Specimen Conger in Sunny Cork


Evan McGovern was in touch with a report on a recent small boat outing from Cork before they put the boat away for the winter.

We took advantage of the last little weather window we got before it came to the end of our season, and Fair Game was coming out of the water again for the winter.  Me and Tony headed out to a wreck about 20 miles from the harbour with a stop along the way to pick up a few mackerel.  The macks were patchy as was the case for most of the year.

When we eventually got to the mark and dropped anchor we didn’t have long to wait before we were into a steady stream of congers with a few decent fish thrown in the mix.  We were fishing a mix of baited pirks and running ledgers.

Tony hooked a good fish so the other rods were cleared out of the way and I stood by with the landing net.  When it came to the surface finally after a long battle, we knew it was a decent fish so we lifted her onto the deck, laid her out on the measure and took a few quick snaps before releasing.

A fine conger of almost 180cm, well over the 165cm specimen length

It was Tony’s first specimen fish so he was delighted and I was happy to be there with him to witness it.  Great way to end the season!

Tony with his specimen conger