This news from the Lough Muckno festival organisers:

We are all set for our first event of 2022 after a difficult and challenging two years. St Patrick’s weekend two day event is set for Saturday and Sunday 19th and 20th with 30 entries so far.

We completed an Audit and clear up of all sections throughout the entire day today with all pegs now cleared of debris and fallen trees and are pleased to announce also that water levels are perfect.

We are currently involved in detailed negotiations with Monaghan County and Monaghan Tourism on the regeneration of the entire Angling project on the 10th year of existence, as a top angling destination.

We are planning and expecting agreement on all pegs to be replaced, in a more permanent format, similar to that on South Lodge, all roads to be graded, with parking spaces cleared and graded, along with vegetation clearance and pruning where necessary.

We expect to renew and regenerate to the standard of the original or better, by mid summer 2022.

We are now asking all anglers for maximum possible support, by your attendance and participation in all of our advertised events and festivals going forward, as we as anglers are facing into and will continue to face into even more sustained competition from rival sustainable activities on this wonderful Lough.

With myriad plausible elements in the plans for a major expansion of usage and activities at Lough Muckno Park, it is up to all of us to justify our current privileged position in the activities order. Use it or lose it will become ever more relevant, as decisions will be made in the forward expansive planning process, which has already commenced.

From initial soundings it would appear that angling will need to show vast numerical improvements, if we are to compete with some ambitious plans for other on water activities, which could ultimately supplant us. We will continue over the next few weeks to update on all matters relating to angling as they evolve.

With a good entry for this weekend we ask all anglers to consider also booking in to some of our exciting matches and Festivals for 2022. Easter Festival is then the next one up and entry can be secured by pm to this page or by contacting Richard on 0876051633.

We are experiencing significant interest in all of our festivals for 2022 and ask that anyone interested in entering or having information on any event please make the contact as above. All UK and non Irish entries or queries will be catered for as above also, with information only on the Co Monaghan Pairs also available in the UK, from venue specialist and long time patron Craig Ellis.

St Patrick’s event registration commences 19th March 8.30am old coach car park followed by draw at 9am. Fishing Concra Wood Upper and South Lodge alternatively 11am to 4pm.

Entry fee €60 all in, full payout, daily payout 1st, 2nd & 3rd. Sections of 5 by default.