There was a great start to the O’Callaghan’s Cup Festival on Sunday at Inniscarra. Where you were drawn counted for a lot as the top four weights, all over 14.5kg, came from the Garden Centre. Marco Hoffman led the charge with 19.6kg.

fisherman inniscarra
David Malpas leapt to 1st place on day 2, but finished 4th

Day 2 of the Cup saw Dale Malpas moves up from 8th position to take the lead with a super catch of 23.810kg. The early leaders slipped down the rankings but were still in contention. Once again the Garden Centre was fishing very well all, but all 3 section produced catches in the teens and higher over the 3 days.

The 3 day event finished yesterday and the fishing continued to go well. Congratulations to Dutch regular Peter Koopman who took first place. Close behind Peter’s winning 47.840kg was Gloucester angler Dale Malpas with 47.550kg for the runner-up position. There were also super results for the Dutch anglers with Jon Van Gaskell and Marco Hoffman finishing 3rd and 4th.

It’s worth mentioning that the top 3 anglers all had over 47kg, so it was a tight enough finish at the end.

The winners